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A case study demonstrating how SPLACE's highly competent, well-trained virtual assistants have advanced the sales process and managed order fulfillment.


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The Client:

A group of manufacturing businesses approached SPLACE for assistance in streamlining their sales management systems. The clients faced challenges managing their supply chain process due to a lack of resources, outdated methods, and growing product demand.

The Challenges:

The clients struggled with managing appointment setting, order fulfillment, supplier contacting, tracking inventory levels, and coordinating logistics. The clients’ in-house teams were overloaded with repetitive administrative tasks, resulting in delayed order processing, stockouts, and inventory inaccuracies. The clients’ supply chain processes were also done traditionally using the basic record-keeping methods and lacked automation, leading to errors and inefficiencies.

The Solution:

SPLACE proposed and implemented the following solutions for manufacturing companies:

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of the client’s supply chain operations
  • Identified areas for improvement and suggested implementing a supply chain management system
  • Setting up an automated data processing system to reduce errors and improve efficiency
  • Developing a customized supply chain management system, including supplier management, inventory management, and logistics management services
  • Building a supply chain management system that allowed clients to manage suppliers more efficiently, track inventory levels in real-time, and coordinate logistics across multiple locations
  • Including data analysis tools that helped clients make better-informed decisions about their supply chain operations
  • Setting up an automated data processing system that streamlined data entry and processing tasks
  • Allowing clients to process large volumes of data quickly and accurately, reducing the time and resources needed to handle a growing workload

The Results:

SPLACE BPO’s solutions resulted in significant improvements for the clients:


  • Clients reduced operational costs in completing all business procedures for a fraction of the expense of hiring experts for the in-house team.
  • It increased effective and efficiently managed company data from bills to contracts.
  • SPLACE handled the processing of invoices, from receipt to payment, accurately and timely.
  • SPLACE’s dedicated team served as the first point of contact between the company and freight payment providers.
  • The Virtual Assistants handle the accounting tasks preventing wasted time.
  • All documents are securely and conveniently kept in a database.
  • Completing and indexing all required data-related tasks.



SPLACE’s customized solutions with dedicated virtual assistants and appointment setters team helped manufacturing businesses streamline their supply chain operations, reduce errors, and save time and costs. SPLACE BPO’s approach to identifying areas for improvement and developing customized solutions allowed them to meet the client’s unique needs. As a result, the clients were able to improve their supply chain efficiency, reduce expenses, and increase their profitability.


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