CASE STUDY | Encor Solar

A case study on how a solar installation company has leveraged Splace BPO services to increase its appointments and customer reach.


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Client A: Encor Solar

Encōr Solar is a solar panel installation company in Utah, United States. They are a renewable energy provider that offers residential, commercial, and industrial clients high-quality, professional service. It is a one-stop shop that offers all the data customers need to make informed decisions and fully satisfy their individual needs for renewable energy.

The Challenge

Encor Solar struggled to find a consistent and cost-effective way to generate leads for their solar panel installation services. They had tried several lead generation strategies, but none produced the desired results. Additionally, they lacked the expertise and resources to handle cold calling and appointment setting. They sought a reliable and efficient appointment-setting solution to generate more leads and close more deals.

Client B: Vivo Solar

Vivo Solar is a company that specializes in providing solar panels to residential and commercial properties in the US, with branches in Southeast Asia, mainly in Singapore and the Philippines. As part of their marketing efforts, they have been engaging in cold calling and appointment setting to generate leads for their sales team. However, they encountered some challenges in achieving their desired results, which prompted them to seek the help of SPLACE.

The Challenge

Vivo Solar was not satisfied with the results they were getting from their previous appointment-setting provider. They were not receiving enough quality appointments and were not hitting their targets. They also had concerns about the level of dedication of the other companies they worked with.


The Solutions to the Challenges of Clients A and B:

Encor Solar and Vivo Solar contacted SPLACE, a reputable appointment-setting agency, for assistance. After thoroughly consulting with the client’s representatives, SPLACE offered a tailored solution to meet Encor Solar’s and Vivo Solar’s business needs.


  • Providing a dedicated team of trained and experienced agents, the SPLACE ExpHires team, specializing in cold calling and appointment setting
  • Designing a customized script that highlighted the benefits of Encor Solar’s and Vivo Solar’s services and captured the interest of potential clients
  • Working diligently to generate leads, qualify prospects, and schedule appointments for Encor Solar’s sales team
  • Using advanced tools and techniques to maximize their efficiency and productivity
  • Ensuring that the group was equipped with the appropriate training and strategies to engage with potential customers effectively and set quality appointments for Vivo Solar’s sales team
  • Incentivizing the appointment-setting program to boost team member morale and motivation

The Results: Encor Solar

The partnership between SPLACE and the clients produced outstanding results, including the following:

Within the campaign’s first month, Encor Solar received a significant increase in the number of qualified leads and appointments scheduled. 


                 ✓ In November 2022 alone, they set almost 400 appointments in total.

                 ✓ The efficiency and productivity of SPLACE’s agents enabled Encor Solar to reduce its customer                         acquisition costs and increase its revenue. 

                 ✓ Encor Solar was able to focus on its core business while SPLACE took care of the appointment                           setting and lead generation process.

Start of Campaign: March 2022




Start of Campaign: June 2022



The Results: Vivo Solar

Since partnering with SPLACE in August 2022, Vivo Solar has seen significant improvements in the quality of appointments generated by the SPLACE team. These include:

  • Regularly holding meetings with both the support and leadership groups. These meetings provided an opportunity to review and analyze the performance metrics of the appointment setters, identify areas for improvement, and discuss strategies for enhancing the quality of the set appointments.


  • Closely monitoring the performance of the appointment setters and guiding them as necessary.


  • Maintaining a high level of performance despite having a smaller number of agents on the team. 


Analyzing and optimizing their approach, SPLACE was able to consistently deliver quality appointments to Vivo Solar and help them achieve their marketing objectives.


SPLACE’s appointment-setting solution, ExpHires Team, provided Encor Solar and Vivo Solar a cost-effective and efficient way to generate more leads and close more deals. By partnering with SPLACE, Encor Solar and Vivo Solar achieved their business goals and increased their market share in the solar panel installation industry.


As a result, they have chosen to continue working with us to accomplish their marketing goals. Our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality appointment-setting services and a team of experienced and dedicated agents have played a crucial role in ensuring that the company’s expectations are met and exceeded. We value our partnership with our clients and remain faithful to delivering results that help them achieve their business objectives.


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