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An example of how the organizational procedures of law practice were streamlined using SPLACE's highly qualified virtual legal assistants.


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The Client:

A leading legal service firm (name withheld for privacy) approached SPLACE for assistance in streamlining their document processing and data entry tasks. The client’s legal team spent most of their time on administrative tasks, leaving them less time to focus on more critical tasks, such as legal research and case preparation.

The Challenge:

The client’s document processing system was outdated and lacked automation. The legal team’s in-house assistants spent too much time manually recording data into spreadsheets and traditional documentation methods, resulting in inaccuracies and delayed project timelines. The client’s legal team was also struggling with managing an overwhelming amount of paperwork, storing and indexing cases and legal forms, which led to lost or misplaced documents and misfiled information.


The Solution:

After thoroughly examining the client’s present procedures, SPLACE identified several potential areas for improvement, including the following:


  • Suggesting implementing an automated document processing system managed by a virtual assistant that would improve efficiency and reduce errors
  • Working with the client to develop a customized document processing system that included Optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert files into a readable format and simplify data entry tasks
  • Assigned a dedicated team of virtual assistants that analyze critical data from legal documents, reducing the legal firm’s need for manual data entry
  • Assisted in setting up a document management system that organized the client’s records in a logical and easily searchable way
  • The VA-managed documents allowed the client to quickly locate the information they needed, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks

The Results:

SPLACE’s solutions resulted in significant improvements for the client, including the following:


  • The clients’ legal team was able to focus more on critical tasks, such as legal research and case preparation
  • The legal team spent less time on administrative tasks
  • SPLACE Virtual Assistants managed an automated document processing system that reduced errors, improved accuracy, and shortened project timelines
  • Customer service support resolved issues timely and client satisfaction increased
  • Client appointment setting increased as Virtual Legal Assistants quickly responded to client appointments
  • Noticeable increase in speedy case disposition


SPLACE’s customized solutions helped the legal service provider improve competence, reduce errors, and save time. SPLACE’s dedicated virtual legal assistants managed data entry tasks and administrative tasks. A seamless approach to identifying areas for improvement and developing customized solutions allowed them to meet the client’s unique needs. As a result, the client was able to serve their customers better and increase their bottom line.


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