CASE STUDY | Nature’s Boosts

Analyzing SPLACE's efficient customer care methods kept a devoted clientele and minimized product subscription cancellations.


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The Client

Nature’s Boost and Pure Keto Burn are dietary supplements that have been gaining popularity among customers. However, with increased sales and customer base, the companies struggled to handle the influx of customer inquiries and complaints. As a result, they sought the help of SPLACE to provide email and phone support to their customers.

The Challenge

Nature’s Boost and Pure Keto Burn faced a significant problem due to the high number of customer complaints, leading to a backlog of 16,000 open tickets. The company realized the need for a dedicated customer service team to handle these inquiries and provide timely resolutions.

The Solution

SPLACE stepped in and provided an excellent team of individuals with clear and concise communication skills, and they proficiently delivered the following solutions:

  • Building effective interactions with customers by communicating through calls and emails, providing the best resolution possible for a positive customer experience
  • Ensuring that the team was well-equipped with the skills and tools necessary to handle customer inquiries and complaints
  • Performing QA calibration bi-weekly and monthly to ensure that all team members are informed of any changes or updates
  • Generating daily, weekly, and monthly reports to monitor the team’s progress
  • Offering monetary benefits to boost employee morale

The Results

After partnering with SPLACE, Nature’s Boost, and Pure Keto Burn achieved impressive results, including the following:

  • The campaigns handled by SPLACE achieved a 98% resolution rate, which means that agents resolved all customer issues, leaving no pending tickets. 


  • The repeat callers were below 5%, which indicates that customers were satisfied with the resolutions provided.


  • SPLACE managed to keep the cancellation rate below 50% by equipping its team with the necessary skills to convince customers not to cancel their subscriptions. 



  • SPLACE’s QA team worked with the campaign and implemented processes to improve metrics further. 


  • The call flow and some processes were recently deployed to maintain/improve these metrics, making the clients even happier.


Nature's Boost Data from Jan 2023 to present:

Pure Keto Burn data from Jan 2023 to present:


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